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The AGC and its use by the ALFALFA collaboration

The AGC (formally known as the "Arecibo General Catalog") is the galaxy database that Martha and Riccardo have maintained for their own use for something like 30 years (since before you were born?). All members of the ALFALFA collaboration are granted access to the version distributed with the LOVEDATA package with the understanding that it will not be used for purposes outside the collaboration without the expressed consent of Martha or Riccardo. That is principally because: (1) a HUGE amount of work goes into maintaining and upgrading it; we'd like first crack at using it for our own research; (2) it contains proprietary information much of which is not in final form; and (3) it should not be used without a clear understanding of its contents and their limitations. So, there are three rules for its use:
  1. Understand what the AGC does and does not contain and what its limitations are. It is worth every penny you paid for it, but it carries no warranty. If you have questions about it, ask Martha.
  2. If you want to use it for some other purpose, ask our permission first!
  3. If you do use it for science, please acknowledge us; it ain't trivial to maintain and improve constantly a database like this...

Having said that, we hope you will find it helpful as you contribute to the ALFALFA science collaboration.

Look here for info on the AGC.

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